Drain cleaning

Affordable does not mean good. We believe that affordable means performing the job corectly and cleaning the line of all debris for a fair price, not just punching a hole thru it and leaving. The line may be open temporarily, but is it cleaned of all debris?? If the job is not done right the first time you will have the reoccuring expense over and over, how is that affordable. How do you know the difference? You may not, but we do, and thats why we have the equipment and know how to make sure all the roots are cut out or the obstruction removed so you don't have the same issue next year.

We have several sizes of sewer augars from the small hand held for a sink or tub drain to the large machines for main lines. Its important to use the proper size tool for the type of job we are undertaking. Our K-1500 sectional machine is able to cut thru those stubborn tree roots with an expandable attachment. If we can clear the line for you it can save the mess and expense of digging up your yard. We can also televise your sewer and see exactly where the problem lies and determine the exact location on the property of the issue in question.



  Our Camera has 150' of cable and a color monitor to clearly see

  exactly what the problem is, leaving out all of the guess work

  out of the equation. Some times it helps you decide the next

  course of action when you can put your own eyes on it.

  For 3" lines and larger.







  Our hand held machine gets into those smaller

  sink and tub drains or under the cabinets to

  reach the problem.







  The medium Ridig K-50 sectional machine for 2" to 4" lines can be used

  for laundry drains or floor drains. We are able to interchange heads for

  different situations depending what is stuck in the drain.




  The larger K-1500 sectional machine can get into the 4" to 10" main service

  lines. It also has interchangeable heads for anything from grease to tree

  root removal. We have saved many a dig up by clearing the line with this