DIY & Maintenance Tips

We love to help out our customers as much as we can, but sometimes its possible for you to do some basic plumbing maintenance or repairs so that you won't have to call us unless it becomes a more serious problem than anticipated.

We've put together a collection of DIY videos and advice to help you in attempting to solve some of your own plumbing issues. Keep in mind your skill level and do not attempt repairs that you do not feel comfortable with undertaking, you may do more harm than good. Be organized, have a plan and a back up plan. Locate all shut off valves before starting any repairs, and make sure they work properly. Call a supply store and check to see if they will be open for you to obtain parts for your project.

A word of advice: "When you go to the beach you may get wet"

Good Luck

Maintenance and Repair Work You Can Do Yourself